Interview candidates anywhere, anytime Dropque is the fastest way to find the right talent at a lower cost with secure video interviews

Adopt a more efficient way to find the right talent

No more expensive time-consuming and wordy interviews.
Dropque simplifies recruitment for managers and gives candidates a better and flexible experience.

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Getting started is easy

In less than 1 minute, you'll be ready to create and send out your first interview.


Create and share interview

Create your interview template consisting of video, text or file based questions using our intuitive interface. Set interview deadlines and share to potential candidates. Our contact import ability makes sharing to a larger group fun.


Get video responses

Candidates record their responses via our app using a smartphone or webcam and upload instantly. Our video recording and uploading is designed to support slow internet speeds.


Review, shortlist, inform

Reviewing candidates, shortlisting and keeping candidates informed on the status of their application could not be simpler. This is built right into Dropque with team collaboration to make the process easier and faster.

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Why you need Dropque

Get access to more top talent

Increase your chances of finding best fit candidates within a large pool of talent.

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Reduce time-to-hire

Dropque cuts your recruitment time by 50%. The time it takes to schedule and conduct face-to-face meetings is the number one reason for delays in most hiring process. Companies with a faster recruitment process have an advantage in the competitive job market and we're happy to make this easier and fun for you.

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Give candidates a better experience

Candidate experience is becoming increasingly important and preferences are changing frequently. Video interviews allow candidates the environment and flexibility they need to be their best without compromising important cues such as articulation, personality and body language.

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Secure and reliable

We understand how important recruitment is to the success of your company and how important your data is. That's why we invested months in making dropque secure and reliable. We guarantee a 99.99% availability.

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